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Press Release from CLIFF Electronics, 4th July 2015.


Cliff’s patented dual DC socket proves two into one will go !

Dual DC power socket accepts both 2.1 mm and 2.5 mm plugs. A single socket to meet the needs of the USA and the rest of world markets.


Cliff patented dual DC socket


The dual DC socket from CLIFF Electronics, leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors, offers designers a single power socket which is suitable for use in both the USA and the rest of the world. The Cliff dual DC socket will accept 2.5 mm power plugs, which are standard in the USA, as well as 2.1 mm plugs used in all other markets.


This single socket solution simplifies design, purchasing and logistics as OEMs need only manufacture one standard product to meet their global markets and can purchase one standard power socket for all their needs.


By accommodating all industry standard 2.1 mm and 2.5 mm plugs, Cliff’s unique dual DC socket offers a greater choice of power supplies for OEM and after-market supply. Cliff’s dual DC sockets are already being designed into equipment where flexibility of available power supplies is advantageous. Markets where this flexibility has been welcomed include educational, medical, instrumentation, communications, audio-broadcast, audio-visual (AV) and industrial applications. Cliff dual DC sockets are widely designed-in, to reduce the need to supply different power supplies depending on geographical preferences; for example delivery to the USA or Europe.


The dual DC socket is rated for 12V DC at 5A, fitted with switched contacts and available in two versions. The DC10L with solder tag connection and the DC10LP PCB mount option. The unique centre center pin also ensures a superior mechanical and electrical contact compared to conventional solid pins.


Other standard features include a body material made from PBT for superior temperature characteristics, tin-plated, copper-alloy contacts and RoHS compliance.


Cliff’s continuously expanding range of DC sockets includes many industry standard designs with PCB and solder-tag versions. Recent product innovations include:



John Hall, General Manager of CLIFF Electronics, comments; “We have a great deal of experience in the design and manufacture of DC connectors. Our patented dual DC socket makes life much simpler for the whole supply chain and end users alike. This innovative product continues to build on our long established reputation as a single source for engineering, design, moulding, molding, assembly, cabling and associated services.”.


Cliff has been supplying components and connectors for audio, engineering, instrumentation, medical, lighting and vending applications for over 50 years. Cliff can also provide a wide range of leads including audio, instrument and power including customised, customized, compatible, overmoulded, overmolded, plug leads to customer specific requirements.


The dual DC socket is widely available from global distributors and details of Cliff’s complete range of DC power sockets are shown at .





About CLIFF Electronics.

CLIFF Electronic Components Limited was founded in 1977 to supply the music industry with connectors. Cliff has subsequently greatly expanded its’ products and services to become a high quality supplier to most professional and industrial markets. As both a manufacturer and a distributor, the expansion of its’ product range has established Cliff as a prime source for components. As a UK manufacturer, CLIFF is able to respond quickly to customer’s needs for both standard products and custom designs.


CLIFF manufactures audio, optical and power connectors and accessories, general industrial connectors, foot pedals, lighting connectors, terminal posts, connection blocks, motors and assembly aids. It can also provide a wide range of leads including audio, instrument and power.


CLIFF has extensive expertise in moulding molding and metalwork. It can provide a design, engineering and manufacturing service for the production of customised customized components and assemblies. Plastics expertise includes injection-moulding, injection-molding, blow-moulding, blow-molding, extrusion, sonic-welding and printing. Metalwork includes stamping, machining, aluminium aluminum extrusion, finishing and printing.


CLIFF has the facility to enable assembly, inspection and testing. CLIFF’s UK and Far Eastern production plants are certified to ISO 9001 and employ design, engineering, technical, marketing and sales personnel. Quality has always been of prime importance and the majority of CLIFF products are covered by approvals from organisations organizations such as UL and VDE.


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