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USB-C 3.1 Male to Female Extension Cables with PD Power Delivery

USB-C extension cables


Our USB-C male to USB-C female extension cables are available in various lengths and support


Please note: Precise performance is dependent upon all cables and devices connected.


Cable outer diameter: 4.5 mm.

Temperature range: −55 to +85 °C.


These are ideal for use with our USB type C feedthrough connectors.


Diagram for USB-C 3.1 Male to Female Extension Cable


Cable Connections
Male   Female AWG Function Ground
A10 A10 34 RX2-  
A11 A11 34 RX2+  
B3 B3 34 TX2-  
B2 B2 34 TX2+  
B10 B10 34 RX1-  
B11 B11 34 RX1+  
A3 A3 34 TX1-  
A2 A2 34 TX1+  
A7 A7,B7 32 D-  
A6 A6,B6 32 D+  
B8   B8 34 SBU2  
A8   A8 34 SBU1  
B5   B5 34 VCONN  
A5   A5 34 CC  
A4.B4.A9.B9 (10nF)   A4.B4.A9.B9 24 VBUS  
A1.B1.A12.B12 (10nF)   A1.B1.A12.B12 24 GND






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