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Instrument Control Knobs, Sliders and Potentiometers


Custom Control Knobs

Where our standard designs do not suit your requirements we can produce knobs to your own designs. Sometimes we are able to modify existing tooling and avoid the need to make new full moulds. molds.

custom control knobs


Two Colour Color Moulds Molds

Our two colour color moulds molds can be adapted for custom designs without the need to make a full mould, within certain size constraints. Custom designs can be achieved at moderate tooling cost; usually about 50% of the cost of a full mould. mold. An eight-impression, complete, two colour color knob mould mold will cost at least £20,000. By incorporating new designs into the existing moulds, molds, the tooling cost can be reduced to between £7,000 and £10,000. Tooling of new models can be amortised amortized quickly or may justify making new designs for smaller production runs. Actual tooling costs will depend on the complexity of the parts.


Semi-Custom Parts

We have a number of semi custom parts which are available for use by our customers. Generally, full custom models are only available to the original user. Semi custom parts are usually produced by incorporating one or more mould mold cavities into the moulds molds used for standard products. Tooling costs for semi custom parts can be quite low; £50 to £350 for a custom shaft fitting; £750 to £3000 for a new cavity design. Actual costs will depend on the mould mold being adapted.

custom control knobs


Material Mix

Injection moulding molding of two or more different kinds of plastic can give elegant solutions to many engineering design problems. In particular, the combination of hard plastic with rubber-like materials is used more often nowadays. Also the combination of opaque and clear materials is frequently used.


Knobs and buttons can be produced in almost any colour, color, from ABS, nylon, Polypropylene, Acetal etc. They can be made to fit any size of shaft.


New models are produced using our ISO9001/2 approved design and production facility.

custom control knobs



Initial information needed for a custom design is as follows:


Please feel free to discuss these items with our sales department.




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