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CliffCon® Touchproof Plug and Socket Connectors

CliffCon® 8 Pole Power Connectors

CliffCon 8 pole connectorsOur CliffCon® 8 pole connectors are intended for any application where a reliable, locking, touch-proof connector system is required and are ideal for lighting, chargers and instrumentation.


Rated maximum 30A 250V AC. These have a tough, durable construction with an easy locking mechanism, integral cable clamp and touch-proof contacts to BS EN IEC 60065, and BS EN IEC 61010.


General features are similar to our 4 pole version. The 8 pole line connector is only available in a 90° black version. A dust cover is available for the chassis socket. Connections to the socket may be made by soldering or FASTON® receptacle and to the plug by soldering or screw.




Electrical Specification

See the data sheet: CliffCon® 8 Pole Connectors data sheet (opens in a new window).





CliffCon® Touchproof Plug and Socket Connectors - general information


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