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TP Series of Professional Terminal Binding Posts

HFRP01 Recessed Hi-Fi Terminal Mounting Plate

Hi Fi Terminal Mounting Plate CL2151We make a number of solid brass, gold-plated terminals intended for use in Hi-Fi speaker applications. Our TP6CS teminal is available mounted in our HFRP01 Hi-Fi plate. Optionally supplied complete with two gold-plated bi-amp strips, this assembly is designed for ease of mounting a crossover. Subject to quantity, we will supply it with a premounted crossover to your design.


Mounting plates packed 50, 100 or 200 per carton. Weight with bi-amps is 13 kg per 100.


HiFi Terminal Plate data sheet (opens in a new window).








SRP2A Mounting Plate

HiFi terminal mounting plates

The Cliff SRP2A is designed to accommodate a wide variety of input and output connectors. The basic version includes a pair of holes on 19.05 mm centres centers which allow the fitting of a pair of insulated terminal posts such as our TPP3, TPP4 or TPP5. Alternatively, non-insulated posts such as our TP6ML can be used. Our PCB-mounting terminals can plug straight into a PCB mounted on the rear. The mounting distance is 24 mm so any suitable PCB-mounting components can be used.


Where more than one pair of terminal posts is required, another pair may be mounted in the moulded molded locations. Additional holes may be drilled, punched or, if quantities are large enough, moulded molded in.


It is possible to fit jack sockets, XLR, CliffCon® or RCA phono phono / cinch connectors with, or in place of terminals. For smaller quantities the plate could be drilled or punched. For large quantities, mould mold tool inserts can be made to provide mounted holes to suit various connectors.


Text may be moulded molded into the mounting surface with suitable tooling. Alternatively the surface may be printed.

SRP2A Mounting Plate data sheet (opens in a new window).


Many options are possible. Standard versions are:




Terminal Binding Posts - general information


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