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Professional Jack Sockets



The Cliff range of professional quality ¼″ (quarter inch, 6.35 mm) jack sockets features a patented “wiping action” design to ensure clean contact surfaces with each operation. All of our tip, ring, sleeve (TRS) connectors consist of a durable nylon body and solid Ni-Ag alloy contacts for superior performance and are supplied with mounting hardware unassembled.


For specialised specialized applications we can offer options including low loss “T” contacts and gold plated contacts “G”, EMI / RFI screens, coloured colored nuts and accessories, FASTON® tags, “Make” contacts plus various non standard PCB mounting options.


The ¼″ jack socket series S1 to S4 can be supplied with a number of different terminations; usually tags or for fitting to PCBs. The availability of each type is shown in the PDF associated with each model.


S1 to S4 are also available with a number of different contact arrangements. These can be specified by the customer but there may be some constraints due to the feasibility of manufacture or quantities involved.


Codes are as follows, (from the front of the socket):

B = Break contact

M = Make contact

S = Single contact, (i.e. non switched)

N = No contact


Thus S2/BMB/PCC is an S2 model with first contact-break, second contact-make and third contact break with PC-C solder pins for attaching to a PCB.


PCB mounting styles



Also see our jack plugs, combi-jack XLR sockets, optical jacks, phono, DIN and XLR connectors.



Please note that we have been advised of problems with inferior, counterfeit jack sockets. See our news item on how to identify counterfeit jack sockets.


Please contact Cliff sales for more information.


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