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CliffCon® Touchproof Plug and Socket Connectors

CliffCon® 4 Pole Power Connectors

Our range of 4 pole Cliffcon®s are available in straight or 90 ° versions and have now been designated low voltage (blue) and high voltage (red).


CliffCon® Blue (LV) is for uses under 120 V AC such as speakers, amplifiers, battery chargers and vehicle use.


CliffCon® Red (HV) is for uses up to 250 V AC such as lighting and power connections.


Only plugs and sockets of the same colour color are compatible, so red plugs cannot be plugged into blue sockets and vice versa. This allows the use of both kinds of connector on the same equipment with no chance of mismatching the connections. Convenient FASTON®, screw and solder connections. Chassis connectors are air-tight and fit the same cut-outs as our XLR connectors. Our original black versions remain available. However, we suggest users change to the HV and LV versions for new designs.


Electrical Specification

See the PDF data sheet: CliffCon® 4 Pole Connectors portable document format (opens in a new window).




CliffCon® Touchproof Plug and Socket Connectors - general information


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