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Counterfeit Product Alert

from Cliff Electronic Components Ltd. (UK.), 18th March 2008.


We have discovered that counterfeit Cliff products are entering the United States from a company calling itself CLIFF Hong Kong which has no connection to Cliff UK. They give the impression that the products are genuine and made to the original designs of Cliff Electronic Components UK. using our long established sources of manufacture and supply. This is not the case for these counterfeit products. We will take the appropriate actions when we locate the exact manufacturing source.


In the meantime we feel it necessary to issue an alert so that our customers do not unwittingly purchase counterfeit products and risk further problems.


The following products are affected:



Products which infringe our patent or bear the Cliff name are counterfeit unless they are supplied by Cliff UK, one of our subsidiaries or an authorised authorized distributor.


All products shipped by

Cliff Electronic Components UK,

CPM China and

Cliff USA (our North American distributor)

are our genuine products. You can be assured these are manufactured in ISO 9001 factories and carry genuine approvals in regard to UL, CE etc. This ensures they are manufactured from the stated materials and to the required specifications and tolerances.


Our genuine products will not put the UL approvals of your equipment at risk. Counterfeits will.


If you are unsure as to the provenance of any products or need copies of our UL approvals or ISO 9001 certification please contact us using the contact details listed below.


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