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New BCD Rotary Switch 42J Series replaces 41J

41J series finishes in production September 2007 and is replaced by 42J series.

These are available for 8, 10 and 16 positions in real and complementary BCD codes (6 models). Main features are small size, RoHS compliant, washable without taping by 'O' ring, 5PC terminals, PPS body and gold contacts. Insert moulded molded terminals do not allow solder wicking.

Available from Cliff UK and our distributors. Data sheet available.




Product Rationalisation Rationalization - Jack Plugs, Knobs, IEC Inlets, Slider Knobs

inletDuring the next 12 months, we plan to rationalise rationalize certain product lines made in the UK. These are generally lines which have been produced for 20 years or more. Recent costings of these products has shown that many are now non profitable. We will initially revise the costings to current costs. Certain products will increase significantly in price for deliveries from 1st October 2005. Our longer term aim is to stop UK production of non profitable or non competitive lines. Some lines may be transferred to our China factory. Customers who place scheduled orders will be notified about any products they buy, which are subject to the rationalisation. rationalization. We can advise customers about items likely to be discontinued.






RoHSIn order to confirm RoHS and WEEE status of our products, from 1st September 2005, our invoices, packing notes and order acknowledgments will indicate the RoHS and WEEE status of each product. Most of our products are already fully compliant. We aim to have only compliant products for sale by 31st December 2005.




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