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Press Release 9 March 2022

4 mm Shrouded Panel Sockets

for shrouded or unshrouded plugs.

From CLIFF Electronics.



CLIFF Electronics, leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectivity solutions, make PCB mount 4 mm shrouded sockets which can mate with both safety-shrouded and unshrouded 4 mm plugs. The right-angled design reduces strain between the board and the lead, increasing reliability and product lifetime.


CLIFF 4 mm Shrouded Panel Sockets


The sockets are suitable for a wide range of applications including automotive diagnostic, industrial, medical, music industry, instrumentation, education, and bench and hand-held electrical testing equipment.


The Cliff range of 4 mm test sockets are designed for mating with industry-standard 4 mm plugs and are available in black, red, green, blue, brown and yellow. Contacts are gold plated and the socket is rated at 1000 V, 24 A, CAT III.


low cost and reliable connectivity solution


John Hall, Managing Director of CLIFF Electronics, comments, “4 mm connectors are a low cost, simple to terminate and reliable connectivity solution for a very wide range of applications in the electronics, electrical and music industries.”.


S16N-PC test socket FCR7350L

CLIFF Electronics can supply jack sockets, DC power connectors, terminal binding posts, test connectors and leads, optical jacks, optical leads and waterproof connectors. They also design and manufacture feedthrough and standard connectors which mount into an industry-standard, XLR-format, 24 mm diameter cut-out.


Cliff test sockets are available direct or via major worldwide wholesalers.



Quality components from design to manufacture.



Cliff test leads and accessories


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Built-in reliability.  


About CLIFF Electronics.

CLIFF Electronic Components Limited was founded in 1977 to supply the music industry with connectors. Cliff has subsequently greatly expanded its’ products and services to become a high quality supplier to most professional and industrial markets. As both a manufacturer and a distributor, the expansion of its’ product range has established Cliff as a prime source for components. As a UK manufacturer, CLIFF is able to respond quickly to customer’s needs for both standard products and custom designs.


CLIFF manufactures audio, optical and power connectors and accessories, general industrial connectors, foot pedals, lighting connectors, terminal posts, connection blocks, motors and assembly aids. It can also provide a wide range of leads including audio, instrument and power.


CLIFF has extensive expertise in moulding molding and metalwork. It can provide a design, engineering and manufacturing service for the production of customised customized components and assemblies. Plastics expertise includes injection-moulding, injection-molding, blow-moulding, blow-molding, extrusion, sonic-welding and printing. Metalwork includes stamping, machining, aluminium aluminum extrusion, finishing and printing.


CLIFF has the facility to enable assembly, inspection and testing. CLIFF’s UK and Far Eastern production plants are certified to ISO 9001 and employ design, engineering, technical, marketing and sales personnel. Quality has always been of prime importance and the majority of CLIFF products are covered by approvals from organisations organizations such as UL and VDE.


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