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Modular Terminal Blocks

Cliff modular terminal blocks are primarily intended for use in permanent installation situations. They are designed as a superior alternative to old style screw terminal barrier strips. They can be used in power supplies, amplifiers, car equipment, shower controls and various touch-proof and tamper-proof electrical and electronic equipment.

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modular contractor terminal blocks

Underwriters Laboratories product safety testing and certification Canadian Standards Association




Supplied in packs of 100 pieces with lids open. Screw fixing unit supplied in packs of 100 pieces with screws separate. Ends supplied in bags of 100 sets.


FCR 7900 Faston, Black, Nickel

FCR 7900G Faston, Black, Gold


FCR 79001 Faston, Red, Nickel

FCR 79001G Faston, Red, Gold


FCR 79002 Faston, Blue, Nickel

FCR 79002G Faston, Blue, Gold


FCR 7901 PC Type, Black, Nickel

FCR 7901G PC Type, Black, Gold


FCR 79011 PC Type, Red, Nickel

FCR 79011G PC Type, Red, Gold


FCR 79012 PC Type, Blue, Nickel

FCR 79012G PC Type, Blue, Gold


FCR 7902 Screw Mount M4, Black

FCR 7903 End Plates (pair), Black

FCR 79031 End Plates (pair), Red


CLIFF FastOn terminal blocksmodular contractor terminal blocks

UK Registered Design 2066438, USA Patent 405055.


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