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Electronic ComponentsInc.

quality components from design to manufacture


Cliff is a leader in the design, development, manufacture and supply of components and connectors.


jack sockets


DC power connectors


test leads and instrumentation


feedthrough sockets in an XLR shell


dual USB 2 and 3 sockets in an XLR shell


locking, toughproof Cliffcon and IP65 connectors


single, dual, touchproof, PCB and hi-fi terminal binding posts


optical jacks and TOSLINK leads


knobs, sliders, push buttons, illuminated encoders, switches, keypads and potentiometers


Cliff Electronics Earth Testing Cable ReelsEarth Testing Cable Reels now available.
UK designed and manufactured earth Earth testing cable reels for professional R2 and earth bond continuity testing. ...


Cliff Electronics pre-assembled feedthrough connector panel with M3 threaded mounting holesCliff feedthrough connectors now offer system builders fast and simple panel assembly.
New M3 threaded mounting holes ...


Cliff Electronics fibre-optic connectorsWide range of FibreFiber Optic Connectors now available from Cliff Electronics.
High bandwidth, low noise signal connectivity ...


Dan Walker General Sales ManagerKey appointments at Cliff Electronics support continued sales growth.
Sales force strengthened in response to continued sales growth with new appointments for Dan Walker and Benny Bellman. ...


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We have manufacturing plants in the UK and Far East with additional Far Eastern manufacturer partnerships.


Technical and Sales Enquiries : UK Order Line: +44 (0)1737 771375  USA Order Line: +1 707 746 8090