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Cliffume® Compact Fumes Extractor

Cliffume compact fumes extractorCliffumeCliffume® SFE/1 is a low cost, compact, bench-top, fumes extractor system. It is primarily designed to be used adjacent to hand soldering operations, where it will remove much of the smoke and fumes away from the operator. It can also be used in a gluing environment, (note that some solvents may attack the case and filter).


The unit needs to be located as close to the fumes source as is practical; usually 10 to 20cm. The optimum position can be found by looking for the maximum smoke collection. The stand is designed to hold the fan at an angle and assist smoke collection. The airflow rate of 55 cubic feet per minute is designed to avoid cooling of the work area whilst collecting the maximum of fumes.


The SFE/1 contains a filter element comprising of activated charcoal filled reticulated foam. This will absorb particles down to about five microns. Filters are low cost and easily changed. Replace the filter when soiled or when fume collection is observed as significantly reduced. The filter is replaced by removing the front grille; levering in the position just above the switch. Renew the filter and replace the grille by locating it, top first, and pressing the bottom latch closed. The unit should be switched off when not in use to save power and optimise filter life.The case is made from antistatic ABS. The stand can be earthed grounded for optimum static dissipation.


The UK model is supplied individually boxed and fitted with a 13A plug. Rated AC 240 V, 50 Hz, 0.2 A maximum CE mark.

See the PDF data sheet Cliffume® Compact Fumes Extractor SFE/1 portable document format data sheet (opens in a new window)





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