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Press Release from CLIFF Electronics, 29th July 2014.


Cliff Inc. announces new U.S. sales manager.


Jim Hoffman


Cliff Inc. , a leader in the design, development, manufacture and supply of components and connectors, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Hoffman as their new U.S. sales manager. Hoffman will be responsible for developing sales opportunities, adding new distribution channels and increasing Cliff brand awareness in the United States. A 30 year industry veteran, Hoffman was most recently the pro-audio sales manager at Switchcraft Inc.


“I’m very pleased to be associated with Cliff Inc. I feel they have the vision and resources necessary for future growth.”, adds Hoffman.


John Hall, General Manager of CLIFF Electronics, comments; “I wish Jim the very best in his new role in the U.S. I know customers will benefit from his expertise expertize and experience and will develop the Cliff brand to new levels.”.


We welcome Jim to the Cliff organisation organization. He will be based in the United States and can be reached using the following contact details.


Telephone: +1 707 746 8090


Cliff inc., 77 Solano Square, Suite 175, Benica, California, 94510, U.S.A.