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Press Release from Cliff Electronic Components Ltd., 10th October 2012.


Audio Connector Innovations from Cliff Electronics

UK designed and manufactured airtight XLR sockets and high current jack plugs


Audio Connector Innovations from Cliff Electronics


CLIFF Electronics announces the introduction of two, new, innovative connector products, which offer pro-audio manufacturers and live music producers solutions to longstanding problems.


cp30072 airtight XLR cp30062 airtight XLR

A new family of airtight XLR sockets has been developed primarily for active loudspeaker manufacturers which are common in studio monitoring and similar hi-fidelity, audio applications.


Air leakage from conventional connectors is recognised recognized as an acoustic problem in high quality loudspeaker design, particularly the “infinite baffle” types often found in recording studio and broadcast applications.


The new airtight XLR connecter family from Cliff provides a cost and labour saving solution to possible air leakage affecting speaker fidelity. The new connectors are inherently gas tight and supplied with a flange sealing gasket. This promotes an efficient seal between the flange and mounting panel further helping to seal the mounting holes. The airtight XLR and its’ gasket are designed for front or rear panel mounting and is available in three pin horizontal PCB, vertical PCB and solder bucket versions.



Cl2075 jumbojackCl2076 jumbojack right angle

The second new Cliff connector is the Cliffcon ¼” JumboJack plug which provides stage performers with a solution to the problem of connecting high-current carrying, large section, audio cables to conventional ¼” audio (TRS) jack plugs.


In many professional sound installations it will be necessary to link equipment with low resistance cables, such as an amplifier to loudspeaker connection. Such cables tend to have large cross-section conductors. The new Cliffcon ¼” JumboJack plug can accept cable diameters of up to 15 mm while still allowing these large diameter cables to be connected to conventional ¼” jack plug contacts. The Cliffcon ¼” JumboJack is available with both straight and right angled, robust, ergonomic body shells ensuring easy handling and fitting of cables. Connection is via screw type cable clamps and features an integral cable strain-relief grommet which may be adapted to suit the size of the cable diameter being used.



John Hall, General Manager at CLIFF Electronics, comments, “We have been innovators in the music industry since the boom in amplified music in the 1970’s. We are major suppliers to all the main amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturers and work closely with them in to provide UK designed and manufactured connector solutions.


Cliff are leaders in the design, development and manufacture of components and connectors for audio, engineering, instrumentation, medical, lighting and vending applications.


CLIFF Electronics manufactures audio and power connectors, test leads and accessories, general industrial connectors, foot pedals, lighting connectors, terminal posts, motors and assembly aids. Cliff can also provide a wide range of leads including audio, instrument and power.


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